The Funeral Negotiators
The Funeral Negotiators
Houston Cemetery Cooperative
Houston Cemetery Cooperative

So glad we called!    We saved  over $10,000.

      West Houston Family


Savings was incredible! But what we really appreciated was the precious time we saved. We quickly got the overall picture of all the cemeteries in our area and their prices. Then we saved even more money at the recommended cemeteries by purchasing through the Cemetery Cooperative. That one hour on the telephone was priceless.

           Northeast Houston Family



At the cemetery, we needed to purchase quickly since death had already occurred. The price was outrageous but we felt trapped. The cemetery was also trying to get us to switch funeral providers saying they would do a better job.  Then, our independent funeral director showed us a list with photos of properties at that same cemetery but purchasing through the Cemetery Cooperative. The same spaces were half the price.  With the money we saved through the Cooperative, we were able to get a nicer funeral and casket and really celebrate our loved one's life.  


Our funeral director insisted we check out prices with the Cemetery Cooperative.  We found spaces in the same cemetery garden for $3,000 less per space. We needed three spaces and were saving over $9,000. But then, the Cooperative told us about another beautiful cemetery that was even closer to our home. Spaces there were $6,000 less per space. Then we saved another $1,000 per space by purchasing from the Cooperative at the new cemetery.  Overall we saved $7,000 per space on three spaces for a savings of $21,000.  The Cooperative and our independent funeral director are the greatest!