The Funeral Negotiators
The Funeral Negotiators
Houston Cemetery Cooperative
Houston Cemetery Cooperative

Never Let Them Take Advantage of Your Family Again

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Immediate Transfers Even at Time of Death

Big businesses are buying up cemeteries and jacking up the price so much that many families feel they must settle for cremation. The prices are not just high; they are outrageous! Mistakes can be devastating to your family for generations:      

"We can't believe we spent that much money. We knew something wasn't right but family members insisted." 

"We spent so much money on cemetery property we had to borrow to pay for the funeral and casket."

"We found out after the funeral, that property was available at the same cemetery for less than half what we paid."

"We wasted hours enduring lengthy, high-pressure sales presentations, and we were still confused."
"Now it is too late. We can't do it over. If only we had known to call the Cemetery Cooperative. No one told us." 

What is really outrageous is what cemeteries do not volunteer!

Most families do not understand that many beautiful cemeteries are still reasonably priced.​

Unfortunately families are usually under extreme duress and making decisions when there is not time to reasonably explore all the options that are readily available. Having a crisis coach available will usually save your family thousands, and often tens of thousands of dollars, over what you would have spent without that guidance.  

What families want  when searching for cemeteries and cemetery property:

"Over the telephone I want an over-view of availability and price at all cemeteries in my area. I want a great price."

"I want control. I want to know all options, not just those volunteered by the cemetery sales staff.  Don't waste my time!"

"I want to know of any restrictions that limit my future choices or my family's ability to get what they want."

"I want a knowledgeable coach to give me independent advice in a hurry so I can make the right decisions."
"I don't want settle for something I really do not want."

"I do not want to find out later that what I really wanted was actually available at a reasonable price."

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