The Funeral Negotiators
The Funeral Negotiators
Houston Cemetery Cooperative
Houston Cemetery Cooperative

Our help (from the privacy of your telephone) is independent, comprehensive, and detailed. We use computer spreadsheet comparisons, maps, and actual photos of individual properties which are sent to you via email.  We can even text photos of listings to your cell phone while you are at the cemetery.  Your family can see what is available and at what cost and savings.  You know the overall availability and options before you even set foot in a cemetery.


You see how different cemeteries compare to each other with quality and price. You save thousands. Many families save tens of thousands of dollars.


Even in the midst of tragedy, we educate your family quickly.  Knowing all your options and pricing makes your family less vulnerable to cemetery industry price gouging, emotional manipulation, and life-time regrettable mistakes. When cemeteries compete, your family wins at this very difficult and emotional game.  


What is really outrageous is what they do not volunteer! 


Our Fees are very reasonable.  If we cannot save you money, there is no fee.  For 20 years families have trusted us when they are most vulnerable. You can place your trust in our reliable services. We can definitely find the right cemetery solutions for your family at the best prices. 

An Overview of Our Services - Houston and Surrounding Counties:

- Comprehensive, detailed analysis on cemeteries, their prices, and how they compare.  You learn your options quickly.

- We save you thousands comparing cemeteries, the properties available, and knowing their specific restrictions.

- Purchasing Cemetery Property From the Cooperative at 65 % of cemetery's price, even at the time of death.

- Listing Family Properties For Sale. No Up-Front Fees to List Your Property with the Cooperative. 10% Coop Fee after sale.

- Secure Family to Family Property Transfers.  Our clients have never lost money. Many save tens of thousands of dollars.