The Funeral Negotiators
The Funeral Negotiators
Houston Cemetery Cooperative
Houston Cemetery Cooperative

The Houston Cemetery Property Cooperative does not operate cemeteries nor represent cemeteries.


We work directly for families.  As fee based advisors, we help families make decisions about their cemetery property needs, the cemeteries available in their area, and the cemeteries' prices and specific restrictions / requirements of evaluated cemeteries.


We put buyers and sellers together so both families benefit through a cooperative effort. 


We facilitate cemetery property transfers between families. 


Sellers pay no up-front listing fees.  We create ads for selling families and list them in our database. Buyers make great deals over what the cemeteries charge for similar properties. Sellers get their property sold at a fair price. 


Both buyer and seller pay a 10 percent cooperative fee.  These fees are always included in the advertised price of the property. The Buyer's 10 percent cooperative fee is already included in the ad price. The advertised price is the price the Buyer pays for the property.  


All transfers are accomplished, recorded, and deeded at the cemetery where the property is located. The Cooperative neither buys nor sells cemetery property.  We simply put buyers together with sellers.  The Cooperative does not transfer cemetery property; however, we do facilitate the secure financial transactions assuring protection for both the buyer and the seller.  In short, we hold the money until the property is transferred and the cemetery verifies the transfer is complete.   Our client families have never lost money.   


The Cemetery Cooperative is a registered cemetery broker with the State of Texas. As a registered cemetery broker with the State of Texas, we are required to attach the following notice in accordance with Texas Statutes:


How to File a Complaint

A message from the Texas Department of Banking


"If you have a complaint concerning a cemetery broker transaction involving the

exclusive right of sepulture in a plot, first contact Kenneth C. Lambert of the

Cemetery Cooperative at 281-380-2238.  If you still have an unresolved

complaint regarding the registered broker, please direct your complaint to:

Texas Department of Banking, 2601 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78705,

1-877-276-5554 (toll free),"